Before he joined bemix, Callum already knew that he wanted to find a work placement that involved using his skills and passion for computers. As per our Supported Employment process, we had in depth discussions with Callum regarding what kind of placement might be a good mach to meet his goals and aspirations (Young people can take a look at our Supported Internship process, here, or for employers, here). We found a placement for Callum in a role at renewable energy firm, SGS Energy. This organisation specialises in a range of renewable energy solutions including solar panels, air source heat pumps and more.

After the initial match had been made, business owner Jonathan Howes, suggested some changes to the proposed role. Having heard about Callum's IT skills, Jonathan could see the value in giving the role an increased IT focus, so that both Callum and SGS Energy could utilise Callum's strengths.

Callum has made a strong start in his placement at SGS Energy and Office Manager Emily has described his understanding of the company Solar Panel software as "Exceptional". 

Other notable achievements for Callum so far include; using an architect's plans to create a solar panel design, giving quotes to customers over the telephone and getting to know the office dog - Ted!

Callum and office dog Ted, in the office

Callum is now confident enough in his role that we have started to taper down our work coaching hours. This now means that Work Coach Saffie leaves the office an hour before Callum, leaving Callum to finish the day doing what he does best.

“I am enjoying all of the different tasks including using design software, ordering equipment and quotations. I am learning how to make complex calculations and how to use more difficult design software. Something important to me that has come out of the experience so far is building my independence, socialising and improving my communication skills.” - Callum 

“It's nice to have a bit of new life in the office, Callum is so enthusiastic, he’s really helping.”  Emily, Office Manager

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