We are proud to belong to the Westgate Hall community. We can be seen at the Hall running a monthly pop-up cafe, serving affordable, vegetarian food.

bemix has been involved with the development of Westgate Hall since its renovation in 2014 when we first began discussions around running a social cafe from the Hall. Our aims aligned with the Westgate Hall Trustees; we wanted to be part of an inclusive and progressive movement to bring the whole community together, with all members of the community as active citizens within that. 

5 years later, and we run a weekly cookery and catering group from the kitchen. Discovery Catering is an emerging social firm. People with learning difficulties and/or autism are supported to learn skills in cooking seasonal, responsibly sourced and nutritious food. The group then perfects these recipes to serve at monthly pop-up cafes. Westgate Hall opens its doors to the public for the cafes. The aim of the cafe is to provide wholesome, affordable food for the whole community to enjoy.  We gently show how eating responsibly sourced food can be good for your health, good for the planet and good for your pocket!

Would you like to learn how to cook for other people? Why not arrange a taster session in the group?

Discovery Catering Taster Sessions

Watch the video at the top of the page to find out what events and opportunities Westgate Hall has to offer. 

If you fancy joining us for a lovingly made lunch or cake, check out our Discovery Catering Cafe page for the Cafe dates.