Our Supported Internships project has become a firmly integrated part of the Pentagon Centre in Chatham over the past year.
Not only is our Medway hub in the middle of the busy shopping centre, meaning we have a great opportunity to be seen and belong in the community.  The Pentagon Centre also provides several internship places for the young adults in the project, so we can also be seen working.
This Christmas, each community project in the Pentagon Centre has been given a tree in the Pentagon's Grotto to decorate.  We decided to design aspirational stars to decorate the tree with our hopes, intentions and dreams for work.  We want to make sure that visitors to the grotto are as inspired and motivated by our journeys and aspirations as we are. 
Perhaps Santa can help us raise expectations for people with learning difficulties and/or autism so we can be better seen, heard and belong in the world of work this year..... We've been awfully good!