At bemix, our Supported Employment programme works to build confidence and prepare people for the world of work. Whilst developing valuable skills, people are supported to find a placement that suits them, paying attention to their goals and aspirations. Beyond our Supported Internship programme, we aim to help our interns find paid employment or an alternative work pathway at the end of the programme, using the skills and confidence built on throughout their time on placement.

Following on from her Supported Internship, Abbie moved on to some progression work with bemix Work Coach, Julie.  During their sessions together, they discussed Abbie’s interests and what placements she had enjoyed during her time on the programme. Abbie mentioned that she enjoyed work that involved ‘caring’. Having previously carried out some work engaging with local employers, Julie had a list of care homes in the local area. Together, Abbie and Julie went through the list and found that a couple of the organisations had listed available opportunities on their websites. One of the companies was Agincare in Medway.

Abbie at her new job at Agincare care home

Julie assisted Abbie with the job application form and Abbie submitted it. During this progression meeting, Julie also helped Abbie with some telephone training, looking at what people might say during a call and what questions might be asked. The next day, Abbie was contacted and invited to take part in a telephone interview.  Abbie was nervous and asked Julie if she could come in and take the call in the bemix office. Julie agreed, and the interview took place. Abbie did well and was asked if she would like to attend a 3-day training course to sign off for a position at the care home. Abbie agreed but was nervous and so Julie stayed with Abbie during her training. Abbie attended three full days of training and completed an exam at the end of each day, and passed all three!  Abbie was then invited to the Agincare office for some paperwork checks and asked if she would like to do some work shadowing another staff member.  Abbie did a full week of shadowing and was signed off to work on her own that same week.

“I love this job, never going to change it!"

Abbie should be proud of herself - she overcame her nerves and is now a full-time employee for Agincare and is loving her job.  Likewise, Julie is proud of Abbie and all she has achieved so far!  

When asked about her new job, Abbie said “I love this job, never going to change it! I like being a carer, old people need support. bemix has helped me to be more confident to talk to people and helped me to apply for jobs and go to interviews.  Amazing staff at bemix and I would recommend others to join!”

Abbie was able to use the skills and confidence built during her time in Supported Employment to find full time employment in an area of work that she is passionate about! Overcoming nerves and obstacles on the way!

Congratulations Abbie!

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