We have launched an appeal to help fund the development and delivery of a new workshop, aiming to bring together counsellors and people with a learning difficulty to share their experiences to improve access to counselling, and the effectiveness of counselling, for people with learning difficulties.

And this is also our first blog and blog post on our relatively new website!

This week, we have submitted a funding application to the Kent Community Foundation which we hope will fund a big chunk of the project.  Wish us luck - we should hear back by the end of May.

If we are successful in our bid, we will be able to get started on producing a film that our Media Group has been writing over the last year. The film will be used as a training resource in the workshop. The original idea for the film came from Nigel, one member of the Media Group who wants to help people not to hate themselves.  With experience of having counselling himself, Nigel wants to raise awareness about how counselling can help people with a learning difficulty.

With support from the rest of the group, Nigel is writing and directing the film.  If you have a learning difficulty and/or autism and want to find out more about joining the Media Group and being involved in making the film, visit our Media page and arrange a free taster visit.