Robert’s Supported Internship as a Data Processing Assistant at Medway Adult Education Centre has ended in well earned success - he has been offered a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship!

Robert began his Supported Employment placement at Medway Adult Education centre in Rochester, in January 2023 (Read Robert is achieving goals). At the start of his placement, Robert worked 2 days per week in his role. After 6 months, Robert was keen and ready to begin working 5 days per week.

Throughout his placement Robert has demonstrated great focus, enthusiasm to learn and self motivation to succeed in the workplace. Robert has shown to his employers that he is a great fit for the role of Data Processing Assistant and an asset to their organisation. As a result, Robert’s line manager, Helen, believed that the next step in his progression would be the support and learning gained from an apprenticeship. The apprenticeship offered by the Adult Education Centre means that Robert’s new role title is ‘Advanced Apprentice’.



“Getting a paid apprenticeship means everything to me. I have been working as a volunteer at Adult Education for 7 and a half months and now finally being able to be paid for working there is amazing. Not only will I earn more money now then I ever did before but the apprenticeship gives me so many more opportunities there and I can not wait to start it.” - Robert.

In his role as an Advanced Apprentice Robert will learn and develop the skills to support the Data and Funding Team at Medway Adult Education Centre. The apprenticeship will involve a combination of off job training and on job tasks. This will contribute as evidence to the portfolio Robert will be required to produce for apprenticeship. Furthermore, Robert will have access to Additional Learning Support and the appropriate adjustments put in place to facilitate his learning. An Apprenticeship would usually take 18 months to complete, Robert will be able to complete his training within an extended time frame of around 24 months.

“Robert has achieved so much since he started his Supported Internship at MAE. He is much more independent; he manages his workload by assessing what needs completing and prioritising accordingly. He will offer to help with tasks and will quickly pick things up and make the task his own, adapting it to make it easier for him whilst still completing it accurately. Robert is much more confident at work and will happily seek out members of staff outside the immediate team for help or to answer relevant questions. He continues to be an asset to the team and we are looking forward to progressing him into his apprenticeship to develop his skills further, we feel very lucky to have him on board, thank you Robert. Also, I would like to give a big thank you to bemix who have been wonderful in helping us to support Robert the best we can and ensure he has progressed during his internship. He’s integrated much more into the whole staff team and will happily go and chat to them in their different rooms. He’s a joy to have on the staff team, everybody is fond of him and his energy and optimism is infectious.” Helen Robinson, Robert's line manager. 

“Getting a paid apprenticeship means everything to me."


Employers with the vision to see the value in everyone

Employers like Medway Adult Education Centre have the vision to see the value in everyone. Taking time to understand people as individuals who have qualities, abilities and potential, means everyone can be supported to achieve their goals and dreams (As per our EPIC Values). Employers at Medway Adult Education Centre were successfully matched by bemix with an employee who filled a previously unmet business need. By providing Robert with an opportunity to demonstrate his value and equipping him with the right support, Medway Adult Education Centre have gained a determined, loyal and skilled employee. An employee they wish to retain within their workforce and support beyond the Supported Employment programme. An employee who is thriving and looking to the future as he continues to achieve his goals!

“We are absolutely delighted that Robert has been offered a paid apprenticeship with Medway Adult Education Centre. He has worked so hard this year and ultimately achieved what he set out to do. He would not have been able to do this without the help of the supported internship offered by bemix and for this we are truly grateful. Robert is a different person since starting with bemix. His self confidence has soared and he has matured so much in a short space of time. He absolutely loves going to work and will talk about it all the time. A special thank you to Helen, his manager who has worked so hard with him and been instrumental in gaining him a paid position.” - Robert's parents.



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