It can be different for each person! 

You will work with your work coach and employer to find the best working pattern to suit you and the business needs. 

On both of our programmes you will spend 3 days per week learning in our venues. These three days include a Functional Skills day, a Job Club and Vocational Qualifications day, and an Enterprise day. 

In the Preparation for Employment year you will spend 6-8 hours per week in an interim work placement in the aim to develop your team working, time management, following instructions and communication skills. Developing your confidence in a workplace is key for preparing you for the Supported Internships year. In January the hours you spend in your work placement may increase as the Job Club day stops. 

In the Supported Internships year you will be in your work placement for 2-3 days a week. Your internship will start as soon as a work placement opportunity is available. Once you have started your internship your Job Club days will stop.