We want to live in a world where every single person is valued as an individual. We believe people should be treated as equals. We need your support to help us reach more people and change negative attitudes about learning difficulties and autism!

We know that the excellent work we do has a positive impact on people's lives. Have a look at our good news stories to see some examples of what people achieve.  We want more people to know about what we do so they can choose to join bemix if they want to.

We believe the first things we should see in a person are their humanity, qualities, abilities and potential.  Understanding any impairment they may have is very important, but secondary.  We want to influence more people to view people with learning difficulties and/or autism in this way.  We believe that the best way to influence people is to communicate in a positive way.  We can do this by showing people what people with learning difficulties and/or autism believe in, aspire to and achieve but we need your support!

  • We want to develop our skills  and partnerships around campaigning and making sure that people with learning difficulties and/or autism are seen and heard.

  • We want to get better at using social media to connect with people and share the work we do.

  • We want to develop links with the local media so that we can reach a wider audience.

  • We want to spend more time co-producing our communications so that they are always easy to read and accessible.

All of this work takes time and money to do it well. That's why we need your support!  Could you donate a few pounds to help us make sure that people with learning difficulties and/or autism are seen, heard and belong in society?