Help make sure our voices are heard as loud as anyone else.

Support our campaign work so people with learning difficulties and/or autism can be seen, be heard and belong.

All of the work we do aims to make sure people with learning difficulties and/or autism are seen, heard and belong in all areas of society.  Sometimes, we need to put extra time into specific campaigns to make sure this happens. We do this in the interests of the wider community. When people with learning difficulties and autism are active members of our community, we all benefit. We have values, skills, experience and interests just like everyone else.

Historically, people have had little say in the decisions that affect their community and their life.  We want to change that.  It is important to us that the way we campaign enables people with learning difficulties and/or autism to have their voices heard. Campaigning takes time and money to do it well. We would love you to get alongside us in our work. You might want to volunteer, share our campaigns on social media, support our events or donate to support our work.

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