Supporter - Life Choices
Work Coach

I graduated from university with a music degree and after a few years of not really knowing what I wanted to with my life, I decided to take things a tad more seriously. So I stopped hopping around in retail and visual merchandising jobs and began following my dream of becoming a music therapist, which led me to support work.

Initially I began my journey caring for the elderly and sneaking cups of tea and wonderful stories of their lives within my day. I then moved on to supporting people with learning disabilities and Autism. I’ve worked in supported living, respite care and a community service, accompanying people out and about and with general day to day tasks. I started working for bemix (formerly Skillnet Group) in January 2019 within the Life Choices project.

I teach piano on the side and am studying to be a counsellor. I’ve played piano for an inclusive theatre groups production, which was an amazing experience. Through piano teaching, I became more and more aware of how people learn and pick things up in all different ways, which I was able to adapt when I joined bemix. In Life Choices I get to support people in a way and at a pace that is right for them. Life Choices is very person- centred and it is wonderful to be a part of a person’s personal or professional growth.

I enjoy supporting people in their own bit of not really knowing what they want to do with their lives, whether that’s through coaching, emotional support or learning new life skills.

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