"We want our work to have a positive impact long into the future, not just for now. Our work should not cause harm now or in the future." (World Commission on Environment and Development) . Sustainability is one of our bemix Wider Values - Our way of working should support the long-term well-being of society, the economy and the environment. To ensure that these values are upheld and prioritised within our work, we are delighted to introduce our new Eco Leads, Leila and Hammed!

Leila has been involved in bemix projects in Dover for many years. This means she knows how we work and what matters to people with a learning difficulty. She also brings a real passion to care for people and the planet. Take a look at her radio show ‘Plastic in our oceans’.

Hammed is new to bemix and brings a lot of passion, experience and skill in environmental sustainability to our work. We are thrilled to welcome him into our workforce!

At bemix, co-production is at the heart of our organisation. It means that people with and without a learning difficulty and/or autism, work together equally and share the power to make the decisions within our work. This specific work - to make sure we value the environment in all we do - is co-led by a person with and without a learning difficulty, for the first time. Sustainability is important to all of us and so we are excited to see what steps we can take to become more environmentally friendly, as guided by Leila and Hammed!

Leila and Hammed - our new Eco Leads!

As part of the role Leila and Hammed will be working on how to minimise our impact on the environment and implementing our environmental policies and practices. Over the summer, they hope to visit our groups, projects and teams to discuss ideas and initiatives that will help each area align with the wider bemix vision for sustainability. Going forward, our Eco Leads will work on training and resources for our workforce, groups, projects and even, the wider community.  

When asked about what attracted Leila to the role, she said “the reason I chose this job for bemix is I am really very passionate about the environment and nature. Lou gave me the job because she knew I was the right person to be the Job Lead in bemix”. Leila also talked about her intentions for the role: “I will be asking the supporters if they are recycling, buying eco products and buying Fair Trade food and making sure that no products are tested on animals.”

Hammed said:“I was attracted to the role because of my love for the environment and sustainability. Also, the position involves working with people with learning difficulties and/or autism so it blows my mind to see a company that carries every member of society along. Furthermore, I see working in this role as an opportunity to contribute to making our planet a better place and the role will serve as a means for me to keep up to date with information on relevant changes in the environment and legislation.”

Congratulations Leila and Hammed! 

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