Life Choices Coach

What do you love about working with bemix?

I love the sense of community, cooperation and tolerance that bemix represents and it is a very welcoming environment. bemix does really vital work with the local community and I feel lucky to be part of the team.

How long have you been involved with bemix?

I joined bemix in May 2021.

What is your role in bemix?

I work in the Life Choices department, as a support worker, based in Deal.

What did you do before you joined bemix?

A wide variety of roles, all based in London, including as a support worker and also as an animal carer. My longest lasting role which continues is as a complementary therapist using a method called the Metamorphic Technique, which is a brilliant way for people to transform issues in their lives.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not working?

I enjoy walking, photography, baking, reading and Tai Chi.