Project Lead - Life Choices

Support Coach - North Kent

Hello, my name is Aramide and I have a combined role at bemix, as both a support coach for North Kent and the project leader. I consider myself to be passionate, about helping others to reach their fullest potential. Furthermore, I enjoy creating the opportunity for personal growth and development which is vital to every individual's quality of life. I believe that everybody has a gift that the world requires no matter their ability, all you need is the right environment and people around you to flourish. My role as a coach has been great, we have both learnt so much from one another, as Carl Rogers quoted "The only person who is educated is the one who has learnt how to learn and change." I have had to utilise my teaching and assessing skills in a way that is best for the person I support.

As a leader I desire to ensure that people we support are both valued and empowered to make decisions confidently and independently about their future. Our team of coaches are amazing, they all bring a diverse range of skills to their roles but the one quality we all have in common is empathy. Over the foreseeable future I hope to raise awareness of the project particularly within ethnic minority groups. Why not come and experience support from our team?