Co-Production in Risky Business - A Spotlight on Supporter, Sam

Sam Barnard is a professional actor, group member and paid Supporter. He is also an advocate for equal representation of actors with learning disabilities. Read more

We are proud to be.....

We celebrate one year of being bemix and join with Learning Disability Pride to celebrate our individuality. Read more

bemix are back at Festability!

"Where music meets disability" - a vibrant festival in Birchington, Kent on Saturday 11th May. Come and join us! Read more

Banging the drum!

Tom Wiles is a freelance drummer who has been using support from Life Choices to develop his drumming business, set up a new website and prepare for a gig at Ronnie Scott's jazz club in London. Read more

People with learning difficulties have the power to effect positive change

We work together to use the power we have as an organisation to make choices that support equality, encourage inclusion and protect the freedom of people, animals and the environment. Read more

Eco Shed member "branches" out into chainsaw art

Garry joined The Chainsaw Wizard for work experience in producing larger artworks. Read more

Climbing the Mountain of our Fears

Will grows in confidence as he conquers his fear of heights with the Be Seen, Be Heard group. Read more