We are proud to be.....

We celebrate one year of being bemix and join with Learning Disability Pride to celebrate our individuality. Read more

‘House of mongs’ - the scandal of abuse in Whorlton Hall

We reflect on the terrible abuse still happening in some care homes and ask what can we do about it? Read more

Starting a new social movement

We are joining forces with other advocacy organisations to renew a louder voice for change. Read more

Wider Horizons - A life outside hospital

We report on our work running Forums to help transform care in secure settings. Read more

People with learning difficulties have the power to effect positive change

We work together to use the power we have as an organisation to make choices that support equality, encourage inclusion and protect the freedom of people, animals and the environment. Read more

Working Together to Improve Counselling

We attended and ran workshops in Canterbury, and at the International Conference for Pluralism in Counselling in London. Read more