Michael has spent the last few months job searching with his Work Coach, Katie. He has taken the lead in this process and spent a lot of his own time hunting for jobs, arranging meetings between himself and those supporting him and never given up.

Earlier in the summer, Michael sent in an application for an apprenticeship with the Royal Mail during a 1-1 session with bemix. He showed a huge amount of diligence and attention to detail during the application process, ensuring the application reflected his skills and abilities as well as his enthusiasm.

When he received the news that he had been successful in his application, he made sure to update everyone who had been involved in supporting him at bemix and the Swale team let out a collective cheer! We know Michael will be fantastic in this role and we are so proud to have been able to support him on the very first step of his journey! 

It was wonderful for the team to receive a photo of Michael dressed as a postman, just aged 5 - perhaps this match was written in the stars!

Michael ready for work in his Royal Mail uniform

A few words from Michael, “My name is Michael Connolly. Last year I did the Supported Internships at bemix, a year later I am working for the Royal Mail postal apprenticeship. My duties include delivering the post to the public alongside doing my coursework. I would like to say thank you to everyone at bemix who has supported me”

Katie, Michael’s Work Coach, said - “Working with Michael has been an absolute pleasure, there are many things about Michael that have attributed him to getting work but the main thing is his motivation and work ethic.” 

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