We are looking to work closely with local businesses who could use an extra pair of hands and could welcome a student with a learning difficulty and/or autism into their workplace

We have over 20 students with a real enthusiasm to work and their own vocational interests, individual skills and strengths. We are looking to work closely with local businesses who could use an extra pair of hands and could welcome a student with learning difficulties and/or autism into their workplace – this is an unpaid Internship and can be either part time or full time.

"Steph has exceeded expectations and it seems likes she has always been here! It’s exciting that she has finally started after months of planning and we are glad to have her on our team. She is really enthusiastic, hardworking and motivated" - Zoe, Manager at Lily’s Bistro in Canterbury

The businesses we’ve worked with over the past four years have found that having a diverse workforce is not only great for staff morale but can also have an impact on your wider reputation and encourage a diverse customer base.

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How does a Supported Internship work?

Each individual student who joins bemix (formerly Skillnet Group) has their own unique support needs associated with their learning difficulty and/or autism. Therefore, it’s really important that the right student is partnered with the right Organisation / Employer, so that everyone benefits. Our team of dedicated work coaches will support you, your staff and your intern on an equal basis. The coach will get to know the job role inside out and support your intern to do the job as effectively as anyone else could do it.

"When you know you have a work coach and the rest of the team to contact if you do need any support, it makes it so much easier" - Rosie, RWH Haulage, Sheerness

We have a very diverse range of businesses that take part in our Supported Internship project and so our skilled work coaches are used to wearing many different hats!
We hope that by gaining the experience of the role throughout the year, the student will be in a great position to apply for any vacancies within your organisation.  If not, we’ll use their achievements as a springboard to finding work elsewhere.

"A really good experience for a business on how to take on new people and work with different types of people.  It's absolutely brilliant!" - Rosie, RWH Haulage, Sheerness

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For a no-obligation chat about how a Supported Internship could work for you and boost your business, please call us or drop us an email:

Business Development Lead – Mark Rose on 07419 113773
Project Lead for Supported Internships - Gemma Cooper on 07966 017585

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"I would definitely say to any other employers to go for it! If you are considering a placement already or if you want to find out more, contact bemix (formerly Skillnet Group) and see what options there may be for your business. For us, personally, it's been a really positive experience in a number of ways - an extra pair of hands, but also a brilliant experience for our staff member who has been supervising the intern. That was something they'd never done and provided extra experience for him" - Rosie, RWH Haulage Sheerness