One of the Eco Shed's members, Garry, a talented wood carver, has been interested in "branching" out to produce larger work for some time now. One of his dreams is to be able to carve large items using a chainsaw, but was obviously not confident to "try this at home".

We researched local Chainsaw artists and Luckily the first one that we contacted was very interested to meet with Garry. Les Langley aka The Chainsaw Wizard offered for Garry to attend Biddenden Tractor Festival on 18th August as a semi work experience day. Les was happy to show Garry what life as a chainsaw artist was like with having to attend fairs and give public demonstrations.

Garry really enjoyed his day at the festival, which lead to an invitation to spend time with Les in his workspace last week, April 3rd. Although excited, Garry was understandably anxious on the run up to the day. But it seems that he never needed to be, as Garry came back to the Eco Shed beaming from a great experience and the warm welcome of Les.

There is now potential for Garry to visit Les on more occasions and possibly start investing in the necessary licensing and equipment needed to get started with the creative stuff.

Garry has been focusing his creativity on carving for some time now and has proved to be quite the talent. Using rotary tools and carving knives, Garry has produced some amazing pieces of work from fruits with comical faces to sensitive memorial plaques. Garry's last commission was for a memorial cross with a detailed carving of a Dodo and engraving that will be placed at a grave in France. The Eco Shed is working with Garry at present on time management and the pricing of commissions to give Garry the tools he needs to one day have his own business. 

If you would like to commission a bespoke piece, click here to contact us at Eco Shed to discuss your requirements.