Over the past year, we have worked really hard to develop a pop up café with the support of our friends at Westgate Hall.

The pop up café has enabled us to use the skills we have learnt, as well as learning new ones.  We have been working on finding and creating recipes and then making them.  Running the café enables us to share our food and show the community what we can achieve.  It also provides the opportunity for us to learn transferable skills such as team work and customer service.  Over time, our confidence and experience in these areas has grown, and holding regular cafés is a good opportunity to build on this.

"Being a waiter is cool. I tell the customers about our group and the work we do. Afterwards we get to eat all the leftovers!" - Sam

This year, we are focusing on improving the experience of the cafés for our customers.  We want our monthly pop-up café to be an event everyone wants to come for great vegan and vegetarian food. We see it as an opportunity for people to meet up with friends and get to know their community.

We want your feedback!

We need your feedback to make the café even better.

We warmly invite you to come and enjoy affordable, freshly prepared, vegetarian and vegan food. Relax in our spacious, accessible and family friendly venue. Then tell us what works well and what could be improved. You'll be helping us AND the community. We also want to hear your ideas for how the café could be used.  Perhaps you would like to see workshops or community information events during the café? Or maybe you see it as a good venue for a working lunch.

Pop along to one of our cafés and fill out a feedback form