In the past, people who need support often have been seen as inactive and on the ‘receiving end’ of the support being provided for them by someone who is seen as more capable than they are. (Visit our Co-Production page for more information) This includes people being seen as in need of donations and charity.  As a Community Interest Company, we are set up to work in a way that empowers people with learning difficulties and/or autism and values their contribution and experience in developing the support and opportunities we run.  People are fully involved in all of the work that we do, and not just passive receivers of our support - we work together to achieve equality and inclusion.  For this reason, we are careful not to run fundraising appeals that shift the power balance away from people we support.

Until recently, our social enterprises and the support we provide have sustained our work.

However, with continuing financial cuts to services and the cost of living increasing, it has become necessary for us to look at bringing in income from different places as well. We don't just want to meet short term targets with our work. We want to provide excellent, personalised support so that our impact is sustainable and truly effective.  We also want to influence others to work and live in a way that ensures people with learning difficulties and/or autism can be seen, be heard and belong in society.

We would love you to donate and support our work!

We believe that a diverse and inclusive society is better for everyone, not just the people who may have been marginalised.  Your donations and support will be used by the organisation to support our work to achieve a society that is better for all of us, not just people with learning difficulties and/or autism.  Thanks!